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Voices – The Revolutionary Word

How often do you find yourself listening to the voices inside your head? Don’t judge, and let’s be honest: everyone has an inner voice. That voice is guiding you through life and helping you with decisions on a daily basis. Call it “intuition” if you want; I’ll call it “the voice in your head.” I find that for myself I fight frequently with that annoying voice in my head. It can talk me in and out of anything in seconds. However, I have noticed over the last few years that listening to that sound I once found annoying has been a real blessing. It has guided me through some tough decisions. It has steered me to a place of creativity and confidence. These days, we find ourselves being constantly attacked on all fronts. We are pushed to our limits and stressed to the core. Because of this, we don’t take time to sit still and just listen to what we have to say to ourselves. Take a moment to stop and listen to what that voice in your head has to say. You may be surprised by how well that voice knows you and knows what you need. After all, it has known you your whole life! Have a wonderful week, my friends.