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Time — The Revolutionary Word

Can someone please tell me when we started watching our smart phones and emails with the intensity of a football game? I have caught myself picking up my phone to check my emails every 10 seconds, even when I am at the playground with my kids. From the time we wake up, we fly through the day at increasing speeds—just trying to keep up with ourselves–checking our emails, tweets, facebook, pinterest, instagram, and every other social-media outlet known to man. What are we all rushing to see or receive? Who and what are we waiting for? And is it actually more important than what we are doing and who we are with? Why do we want to hang out with our phones so much? Are our face-to-face interactions so boring? Are we such terrible company to ourselves? Like a drug, our devices control us—we cannot separate ourselves from them. That addictive need to remain aware of what every person we have ever met is doing every second of the day is driving us further away from reality and true happiness. Our true happiness—our real happiness—can be found in our time with our families and ourselves. This week, take a few moments to turn off your phones. You will find that, like eating vegetables, you have to do it; and you may even like it. Rediscover what good company you can be to yourself and to others (in real life; not cyber-life). Have a wonderful week, my friends!