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The Revolutionary Word — Change

It is perfectly natural to fear the unknown. History has been shaped by the fear and anxiety the world’s leaders have had about the prospect of change, as well as by the change those leaders have thoughtfully orchestrated. The thought of change can be debilitating for some people, and the fear that accompanies it can cause us to be less than our best; or worse, destructive. Successful people sometimes fear change too, but they allow their reaction to the prospect of change to motivate them. We can either accept and embrace what is coming or run and hide from the inevitable. This week, like any other, will bring change, whether you accept it or not. But if you acknowledge it, confront it, and harness your anxiety about it to take constructive action in your new circumstances, you will be better off. This week, actively search for the signs of change or take steps to create the change you are looking for. Acknowledge those signs and be accessible and open to moving in a different direction. It may be uncomfortable at first, but over time, you will come to anticipate and orchestrate the change. I ask my sons every morning, “what are you going to do today?” And they respond: “change the world!” That’s not a reason for fear, but a reason for excitement! Let’s change the world! Have a wonderful week, my friends.