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Freedom – The Revolutionary Word

The vast majority of us take our freedom for granted. Moving at a speed of light, we handle what we must every day, and most of us very rarely stop to think about how or why we are able to think, do, and say whatever we want. Every so often, our calendars remind us to reflect upon and honor those who have fought for our freedom: political freedom, religious freedom, and just the freedom to be trivial. We spend most of our time complaining about trivial things–our bosses, our deadlines, our cars, our diets. If there is a stupid concern to be had, you can bet I have had it. For most of us, our diamond-studded slippers are just a bit too tight. And why do we have the time, energy, and freedom to worry about such unimportant things? Because countless men and women (each of whom is braver than I) have fought and continue to fight to obtain for us the important things: freedom and opportunity to raise our families and pursue our dreams in the manner we see fit. It is time to say “thank you.” Thank you for your commitment to freedom and to our country. Thank you for sacrificing time with your families so that we may be more fully present with ours. Thank you for your bravery, your skill, and your courage. Thank you to your families who selflessly offer their loved ones to the service of our country. On this Memorial Day, we honor all armed services members, including the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice for all our freedom—yours and mine. We can never sufficiently thank them, but that does not mean we should stop trying. And today, let’s try a lot harder.