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Unique Venues – The Revolutionary Word

At Revolution RFP, we are always searching for that perfect venue for our clients. Here are a couple of unique and cost-effective venue ideas to consider when booking your next meeting. First, entertain the idea of a movie theater. There are many benefits to having a meeting at the movies. Built-in technology services Lack of […]

Incentive Travel – The Revolutionary Word

Incentive travel is starting to make a comeback and demand is strong, with more organizations opting for international destinations and content-rich programs. The greatest challenge incentive planners are facing is convincing decision makers to commit further ahead in order to get their top choices for hotels and resorts. Booking two or three successive programs at […]

Freedom – The Revolutionary Word

The vast majority of us take our freedom for granted. Moving at a speed of light, we handle what we must every day, and most of us very rarely stop to think about how or why we are able to think, do, and say whatever we want. Every so often, our calendars remind us to […]

Voices – The Revolutionary Word

How often do you find yourself listening to the voices inside your head? Don’t judge, and let’s be honest: everyone has an inner voice. That voice is guiding you through life and helping you with decisions on a daily basis. Call it “intuition” if you want; I’ll call it “the voice in your head.” I […]

Communication – The Revolutionary Word

With phones, emails, text messages, and social media, the people we want to reach are constantly accessible to us—as we are to them. But as a result, the number of messages to which we are expected to respond in any given day has increased exponentially. And the natural consequence of this increased traffic is that […]

Time — The Revolutionary Word

Can someone please tell me when we started watching our smart phones and emails with the intensity of a football game? I have caught myself picking up my phone to check my emails every 10 seconds, even when I am at the playground with my kids. From the time we wake up, we fly through […]

The Revolutionary Word — Change

It is perfectly natural to fear the unknown. History has been shaped by the fear and anxiety the world’s leaders have had about the prospect of change, as well as by the change those leaders have thoughtfully orchestrated. The thought of change can be debilitating for some people, and the fear that accompanies it can […]